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<Mantis> Nah she's only got 2 kids | <lolage> thank fuck thought she had clown-car syndrome
Submitted on January 28th 2016 at 17:18pm- submitted by Mantis

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If your pitch doesn't end with ‘and the cops can't do shit’, your idea sucks - Tobias Andersson
Submitted on August 21st 2014 at 10:50am- submitted by Mantis

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+Shawn | My C isn't the greatest, but it's functional
Submitted on October 01st 2018 at 14:58pm- submitted by Ferris

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SySTeM> Canis: Did one of your Mexican brothers write it?
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* Mantis tickles eXit's basils <Mantis> wutugondobowtitfgt
Submitted on May 16th 2017 at 23:22pm- submitted by eXit