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<bryno> they could've found gravity waves sooner if they built a detector around Lx22's mum
Submitted on February 11th 2016 at 18:20pm- submitted by Lx22

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+Aph3x | sometimes i reread the backlogs in here and wonder if maybe drugs really are bad for the brain
Submitted on January 28th 2016 at 10:29am- submitted by dijit

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<exusser> How are you doing, dijit?<~dijit> alright, just waiting for my hooker to get ready.
Submitted on June 11th 2020 at 10:11am- submitted by JoseAlPaca

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<vincent> Shawn: have you ever heard of this magical place called outside <Shawn> vincent: Once <Shawn> I got scared and returned home. <Shawn> Everyone else seemed to be higher level than me <Shawn> and I didn't have enough money to buy level ups
Submitted on May 24th 2014 at 23:18pm- submitted by Digerati

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Shawn> If the bottle's been opening long enough to hit another glass then you're not drinking fast enough
Submitted on January 02nd 2014 at 15:24pm- submitted by xLink