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+hiro | i love only those eggs+hiro | it's so damn creamier this way+hiro | love that smooooth taste
Submitted on November 29th 2019 at 16:16pm- submitted by JoseAlPaca

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<Shawn> Use them ching chang symbols one more fucking time nin, I'll rape you into next week.
Submitted on October 17th 2013 at 23:03pm- submitted by nin

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Diannao | inidel!
Submitted on July 06th 2019 at 22:22pm- submitted by JoseAlPaca

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Digerati: you won't be held responsible for involuntary orgasms achieved while eating your burgers?
Submitted on August 20th 2014 at 19:12pm- submitted by Beta

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&Derecho | wow why does it know the population density of that but not the other places xDStormofBytes | Because we have shit loads of cows&Derecho | and they contribute to wolframalpha?
Submitted on September 24th 2020 at 09:32am- submitted by hiro