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<&Jesus> your mother <+twitch> loves my bellend Jesus <+twitch> wait <+twitch> fuck
Submitted on December 18th 2013 at 14:57pm- submitted by Linkeh

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Jesus> Pillus: I will do bad things to you
Submitted on March 13th 2014 at 14:56pm- submitted by xLink

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infy> but apparently there's a query for that
Submitted on January 28th 2014 at 17:33pm- submitted by xLink

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lolage: Jesus doesn't wear boots you fucking retard
Submitted on October 31st 2013 at 00:27am- submitted by Fr0stify

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%infy> Man I bottom my keys too frequently
Submitted on May 24th 2014 at 23:18pm- submitted by xLink