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lolage: Are you fucking retarded? My lego stick interlocks with your shield, meaning I now weild a wall of death
Submitted on October 22nd 2013 at 17:17pm- submitted by Fr0stify

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<Jesus> $kid->getParents()->father()->die()->getChildren()->first()->getParents()->mother()->destroy();
Submitted on January 16th 2014 at 18:09pm- submitted by Mantis

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<Linky> i failed at peaking :( <Linky> XD <Fr0stify> That's what she said.
Submitted on May 11th 2013 at 23:43pm- submitted by Fr0stify

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<Biber> i dont want to learn to code properly,then i get no bugs,and it's not fun and shit xD
Submitted on October 22nd 2013 at 22:35pm- submitted by Linky

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infy> I'm too tired I've only spelt for 4 hours
Submitted on June 20th 2013 at 13:48pm- submitted by xLink