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<Disortern> In order to gain his love we must give all our money to Mantis and the rest of god TV! don't delay, Get gods love today. Only £199.99 Special Price. Short time only.... term and conditions apply.
Submitted on February 12th 2014 at 16:06pm- submitted by Mantis

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<dijit> wordpress is an unauthenticated remote shell that, as a useful side feature, also contains a blog
Submitted on August 21st 2013 at 16:03pm- submitted by dijit

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<@Canis> Who the fuck times out a session when it's still in use?-!- Canis [~Canis@Reuzenwolf.net] has quit [A TLS packet with unexpected length was received.]
Submitted on July 23rd 2014 at 01:05am- submitted by Mantis

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11:20:09 <Taylor> Mantis, I last saw odds0cks 2 days 14 hours 54 min 48 sec ago saying in a channel: no, I broke the dam
Submitted on July 18th 2014 at 11:24am- submitted by Pillus

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10:33:56 <ZenEx> Canis: i am fire 10:33:58 <ZenEx> jk
Submitted on August 20th 2014 at 11:34am- submitted by Mantis