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<lolage> ur racist <Oblivion> Hmm maybe a tad bi
Submitted on January 17th 2016 at 14:49pm- submitted by Canis

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<bryno> i approve of this usage of yolo
Submitted on November 11th 2015 at 23:08pm- submitted by Digerati

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~Canis | You should have gone to france, I heard they have a great new years, they even have car fireworks
Submitted on January 08th 2018 at 11:43am- submitted by Mantis

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<&SySTeM> Lol, the woman at the pub I was in had never heard of American Express cards
Submitted on May 25th 2016 at 15:24pm- submitted by Mantis

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hiro | wear a coat, damn poor people
Submitted on December 22nd 2017 at 10:33am- submitted by Aph3x

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Oblivion | I was wearing my latex suit
Submitted on November 20th 2017 at 09:15am- submitted by Mantis