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│17:32:42%Ice_Dragon | your gf is watching anime porn, in a cafe?│17:32 <+yakamo> yeah | <+yakamo> at least shes stopped trying to finger my asshole when im in a vunrable position
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<OneSilentRose> Linky[cell] just called himself a girl
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<&Jesus> "Don't fix what's not broken" - xLink (2009)
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<nin> I'm so broed.
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~dijit | I have much work to do, but I don't know where to get started.Helix | I find the beginning is a good place to start :>~dijit | there are multiple.~dijit | you fucknugget.+d0gpants | dumbledore is a fucknugget
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<Rose[iPod]> It had to be like 3" across
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