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Mantis: I got rekt
Submitted on October 01st 2015 at 21:17pm- submitted by Liothen

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<Shawn> Jesus fuck it's been 73 days? That can't be right That's like 4 months
Submitted on January 28th 2014 at 17:39pm- submitted by nin

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Warwick was kicked by Jesus (Diss My Films, Shame on you... Diss My Image, Shame on you.. Diss my Music? DIE)
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Ferris | Cat tongues are so cool looking and feeling~dijit | I'm not falling for that again. You said the same thing about the taste of their buttholes before.
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Pillus> wanna do something together? Mantis> You?
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<Mantis>: Run a few scripts, Poke a few things <xLink>: By a few things you mean Emma? Pretty sure that's how you end up with kids mate <SlightlyNikki>: YEAH I REMEMBERED IT! <xLink> What, your kids?
Submitted on September 27th 2015 at 21:12pm- submitted by Mantis