More updates by xLink
Published on August 30th 2014 at 15:00pm

Well as you can see, the site is getting shinier!

A few notable upgrades include IRC Integration, this means that you can login with your IRC Credentials(case sensitive) and a account with be created for you here.

Over time you will also be able to manage certain aspects of your IRC experience from here too, there will be more and more added to the site that uses the IRC Integration, we will soon have a QuoteDB up and running that can accompany your chats, and also a Forum. You can already see the Channel List, and Network Heartbeat that will give you information about the on goings across the network. For those of you who are running a Channel on our fine network, you can use the API to query some information about your channel, and output them on your website.

Git services available! by Scub
Published on October 20th 2013 at 17:43pm

Git services have been made available to network users, pop into #support and poke an op if you have any questions.

We have linked with Darkscience! by xLink
Published on February 15th 2013 at 21:25pm

We have linked with the Darkscience Network, hopefully it means we can bring you a better experience and improved services across the network. Do a /list on IRC or hit the chanlist button to the left to see the new channels that are avaliable.

Darchoods has a new look! by xLink
Published on February 21st 2012 at 13:00pm

As you have probably noticed, we have the makings of a proper website, and whilst there isn't much here at the moment, it's still more useful than the webchat was. We will be generating new content & functionality for the website, so if there is anything

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